Nom nom 4th of July

This three-day weekend had three noteworthy events. First and foremost, the boyfriend has returned from his month-long “Physics Camp.” I picked him up from the airport on Saturday evening!

Sunday, July 3rd, was my “Arrival Day”–the 25th anniversary of my arrival in the US from South Korea. Fittingly, we went with Jessica, Matt, and Aileen to the noraebang (Korean karaoke):

Don’t stop believin’. Hold on to the feelin’.

For the fourth of July, we met up with Dan, Alejandro, Kya, and Brian for a relaxing time at the pool. Later, we reconvened at Brian and Dan’s place for a lovely summer barbecue.

Meanwhile, the boyfriend and Brian set up Ladder Ball.

Also, boiled bratwursts are pretty gross:

We chow down hard.

Lunch included beef skewers, bratwursts, pasta salad, and Mexican corn:

Brian particularly enjoyed the Mexican corn:

(For dessert, I made cookies n’ cream brownies and Milky Way ice cream. Both were delicious and devoured before I remembered to take a decent photo.)

After picking Dan and Alejandro’s brains about group fitness instructor training, we ended the evening with Kayla and Darby watching the fireworks display.

Happy fourth of July, everyone! I hope that you were able to enjoy a good fireworks display and not get too backed up in the subsequent post-display traffic jams.

Also, I biked 25 miles yesterday. It was hard.

4 thoughts on “Nom nom 4th of July

  1. awww, happy Arrival Day! we call that Happiness Day—same thing. And Korean karaoke seems esp. appropriate for the occasion. I love that last pic of you & harrison.


  2. Matt wouldn’t stop humming and singing “Pony” yesterday. We watched the music video, and it involves some creepy bearded guy checking out chicks in a bar. gross.


  3. I was just thinking about Harrison and wondering when he got back! Yay! Welcome home! And happy belated arrival day🙂 Your fourth celebration looks wonderful. That corn idea is really interesting. I bet Steven would like that!


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